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Why don't you have a phone number?

It's a good question.

When we started Tando we did have a phone number. However, most of our customers didn't use it - instead they liked to email us about things they needed.

What happened was that we didn't do a very good job of creating really good digital customer service because we were distracted by the phone calls.

So we made the decision to stop keeping you on hold listening to reception music, and instead spend that time creating really great tools and apps that our customers could use to manage their accounts online. Then when you do need our help, give you a really fast and accurate service via email, chat or SMS.

Funny thing is we actually speak to more customers than we did on the phone, we do it better and faster - which works better for you and us.

Don't worry, we are still human beings here to take care of you. So anything you need you can contact us and we will be there to help.

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